We make every effort to keep to our schedule and do run on time. We recognize that many doctors offices overbook and keep patients backed up in their waiting and examination rooms, but you will find that we try to respect your time and in turn request equal respect for ours.

Typical hygiene appointments are one hour long. Once completed, our patients are placed on a recall schedule which is usually 6 months although some of our patients return at 3 and 4 month intervals. One month before your recall visit you will receive a postcard with an appointment time and date. If it is not convenient, then we ask that you call to reschedule. Otherwise, you will be called the day before to confirm the appointment.

We request 24 hour notice for all cancellations and reserve the right to charge a nominal fee for the time held if you do not show up as planned. This, however, is usually reserved only for those who consistently take advantage.

Our office is open from 8 AM through 5 PM (6 on Tuesdays) Monday through Friday. Saturday hours may become available sometime in the future, as well as evening hours..... Be sure to ask.

Emergency service is available 24 hrs a day and the doctor's home phone numbers are given on our office answering machine.