Philosophy and History:

Our office has been providing dental care in Greenwich for over 30 years. Dr. Zatzkin grew up on Long Island where his father was a physician and educator. The concept of, "above all else, do no harm," was ingrained as an integral part of caring for people and it continues to serve as the cornerstone of our practice today.

Dr. Sutton joined the practice in 1989 and was an immediate perfect fit. Taking a 7-year hiatus from his medical training, he pursued a lifelong dream of becoming a stuntman and was provided a myriad of life experience before ultimately resuming his studies. Most notably, Mark was Robin Williams' double in "The World According to Garp," was seen in "Splash," and has made numerous TV appearances.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is not an uncommon statement at our office. Each professional at the practice strives to maintain patient's teeth in an optimal condition within the constraints of time, comfort and cost. A focus is placed on educating patients, so they can make truly informed decisions about their treatment allowing the patient, staff and dentist to move forward as a team with the same goals and expectations.

Together, Drs. Zatzkin and Sutton consult on cases and restore dentitions with the utmost care and concern for comfort as well as long term prognosis. Attention is also focused on helping patients make necessary arrangements so proper treatment and care is affordable.

When treatment extends beyond the scope of this office, a strong network of the most talented and board certified specialists is maintained to ensure patients are only referred to those offices reflecting a shared philosophy for patient care and attention.

Finally, the practice supports a homelike atmosphere purposely designed to help patients relax and provide the most comfortable dental experience as possible. The office staff includes members who have been with the practice for 20-30 years, have "heard it all" and are there to help in any way possible. We like to think of our 1000’s of patients as family and hope they come away from our office feeling the same way.